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"Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to roll?"

Regardless of dice or card systems, I prefer to have the physical thing to roll or draw from, because the tactile sensation for me adds to the experience and enjoyment of the game. I like to separate my dice into their proper piles while I'm thinking, or see the visual representation of how well I might do in my action.

More than the question of "dice or diceless," what I actually prefer are systems where you can hedge your chances of success without relying solely on the dice/draw + modifier combination. In this sense, I like systems like Cypher/Numenera, where you can reduce the difficulty of the target to raise odds of success, or Malifaux, where you can "cheat" your fate a select number of times with the cards in your hand. Fate Core is something that is also ideal for me, where you can build up on additional 'modifiers' to help rolls, either for yourself or your friends. Having some control over how well I do makes more sense to me in the narrative... and also, I can have really bad luck with rolls.

I'm also something of a picky person with my own things, so I initially started hoarding only green dice of a particular shade for uniformity.


I used to refuse to buy dice unless they were green. It kept me from spending a lot for many years.

At some point I needed a few differently colored d10s in preparation for Qin (which we never played), so I got these from Fantasy Flight.

But eventually, I added these wooden dice when Erich and I saw Artisan Dice's first Kickstarter a long time ago. I had Erich paint the pips, because I wanted them to be more readable.

My next purchase when I needed more polyhedrals for my increasing number of D&D games.

Random dice I acquired through friends and other means, wreaking havoc on my careful color coordination but hugely expanding my collection.

My first actual set of dice from 2005-ish when I played a short-lived but very fun World of Darkness game, lost for a long time until my mother recently found them.

All of them! I put the dice I use for a game in a cup now, so they are easy to keep track of.

And that's me and my relationship with my dice. I'm considering giving away some of them to less-equipped players in our Gamers&GMs events (from which I just came home tonight), but I guess I'll first have to take careful stock of what I actually want to use or not.