31 Aug 2016

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"Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice?"

I've received a lot of advice over the years, ranging from, "Stop writing your notes and play more," which had helped a lot until I could multitask it better, to "Try playing women," which had been a difficult but worthwhile path.

I suppose the bigger advice I received is that if you're not compatible with someone else's play style, it's entirely all right to voice this and disengage from that table before it becomes a more negative experience than it ought to be. It's a principle I've carried over since high school (although applied extremely sparingly -- I can count with one hand the number of people I have actively distanced from in my life, and I'm approaching 30), but I'd never thought to apply it to games before. I think there's merit to this suggestion because it spares people a ton of awkwardness and may lead to an easier time remaining as friends if not playmates with others, without the chore of trying to subtly avoid each other at the table.

That brings me to compatibility issues in games. Surely we have all experienced it -- if not in games, then in other aspects of life. Human beings as fairly diverse, and there will always be someone we have friction with, whether it's a little or a lot. That's why it's important that, prior to the beginning of the game, the table as a whole must talk about what they want out of the game, and have set expectations of each other and the game. If a person has voiced out a different idea of fun, then the issue may be is that you are not compatible, and that's okey. It doesn't have to be anyone's fault, because it happens naturally in social interactions and other human group activities.


And this marks the end of the #RPGaDay challenge. It was pretty fun, although I'll admit now that I did not actually write a blog entry once a day -- due to my gaming schedule and other commitments, I did most of my writing a few times a week during lulls at work and in the evenings on the rare night I'm just in the apartment, and just unlocked them for public reading accordingly. Still, majority of the topics were fun and I had one or two blog posts that really encouraged self-reflection, so I'm quite happy with the result.

Here is a masterlist of all my RPG a Day entries for 2016. You can also access it via this tag.