28 Aug 2016

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"Thing you’d be most surprised a friend had not seen or read?"

I stared at this topic for a very long time, wondering what to even say about this, because in my group of friends I am the one who is typically lacking in modern pop culture know-how and get the response of, "What, you haven't heard of it?"

But why is it that we tend to be surprised when people don't know something we do? Regardless of how "common" something is, clearly in this day and age, people more than ever have the ability to look for things they like and ignore the aspects of pop culture they don't care about. Tabletop gamers is something of a niche hobby already, so wouldn't it follow that we would know how it feels like to not be "in" with the crowd?

It's usually funny enough, but sometimes it's also incredibly annoying to be judged for lacking in one kind of popculture knowledge, when I consume an entirely different set of modern media that others just don't have in common with me. It's even worse when I try to explain the media I do consume and get dismissively told that my media is inferior! Unbelievable.

But jokes and outrage aside, I do think that this sort of condescension towards others is a very strange thing to experience in what I consider a niche community of hobbyists. And it's not just in popculture or geek culture in general -- I've run into kinkshaming quite often in the hobby as well. Is it an inevitable problem in any human community?