27 Aug 2016

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"Most unusual circumstances or location in which you’ve gamed."

I live in a large, sprawling metropolis with a number of friends whose houses or apartments are available for gaming, and if not that, there is always Ludo -- so I don't think I can say I've gamed somewhere odd before. Gaming on the floor is already odd for me.

Probably the oddest was during my company's summer outing, which was functionally just giving everyone a hotel room in the middle of the city to take our family or friends to. I'd booked two hotel rooms and invited my then-girlfriend and two friends, and then in the evening decided to play a session of Dungeon World before bed. Hotels are full of beds with no tables to really use, so it was a strange set up. I've been told that that's how people in conventions play RPGs, and I don't think it's very comfortable. I've got too many notebooks and sheets of paper to be comfortable without a solid surface at a decent height for writing.

On the other hand, my group and I are planning a trip out of the city for a few nights in December, and we might marathon a few RPGs there. That sounds like it will be great fun.