26 Aug 2016

potatodialogues: (Default)
"What hobbies go well with RPGs?"

I feel that the only answer I have to give is reading, or in general, the consumption of stories. To create a good story means having consumed many stories, because stories is how we learn vicariously of things that we otherwise would have to experience for ourselves to know.

The stories that we consume come out a lot in our playing, or in the case of GMs, in their running of games. Sometimes I think about noting down my observations to verify them later on, since it's an interesting thing to watch. I had a GM before who primarily got his inspiration from TV and film, and it came out in how cutscenes and transitions were done in the game, while my other GM who reads a lot of fantasy books reflected the same sort of subtext in his NPCs.

Even in that, I find that GMs who watch a lot of anime versus Western films typically used different tropes for their NPCs, and so on and so forth, since stories linked to one culture or another are often also quite different. I've had two GMs who are quite heavy book readers run their games in completely different ways, because they also read vastly different genres of fiction. While I don't think any one source is better than others, I will admit that there are some stories that I adapt to better by virtue of my own consumption.