24 Aug 2016

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"What is the game you are most likely to give to others?"

There are a number of games that I would highly recommend to friends, including Cypher, Fate Core, and Dungeon World, but in terms of actually giving someone the copy of a game, it would probably be Pirate World. Not because I highly recommend it (I haven't actually played it), but because it's one of the few games that I own that no one else in my group does or isn't free for download (or too expensive in the case of Cypher).

Pirate World has a bit of a rocky history in that it took three years for the Kickstarter's promised PDFs to be delivered, and there was an issue with the writer's real name and identity being false on the Kickstarter (I think) and other such strange problems. Some backers wanted to get together to sue him! I didn't mind it so much because I only invested ten dollars into the game, though, and eventually was only pleasantly surprised to get my pledge reward PDF. Now I can cry "Ships!" and say, "I even have a pirate game if you want to run it for me, hint hint."