23 Aug 2016

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"Share one of your best “Worst Luck” stories."

In the recent D&D event I attended, my halfling fighter Wilem Tealeaf needed to kill an orc before being able to move on to assist his other party members in rescuing a few prisoners from a smithy's fire. We were running our third mission of the D&D Epic Reclamation of Phlan, and this was our third mission for the night.

Anyway, Wilem has two-weapon fighting and so moved forward to strike the orc out in what should have been a decisive blow. On my first strike, Wilem rolled a 1. So he rerolled it using halfling luck, and... got another 1. What the hell.

On my second attack, he missed by just a little, so I figured that if I used my superiority dice to add a d8 to it, I only needed to roll a 3 or higher to hit. Wilem of course... rolls a 2. Defeated, I sighed and figured out the best way to remove myself from this orc to get to my party mates, without dying from both the orc and the big wolf occupying 20 square feet worth of mapspace just a few blocks ahead of me.

I did get to the party on the turn after that through sheer luck as well. I ran away from the orc uninjured (superiority dice to add to AC), and then bypassed the wolf by rolling a crit on animal handling. The wolf found my halfling too small to bother with and let me in the door to rejoin the rest of the party.