22 Aug 2016

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"Supposedly random game events that keep recurring?"

In general, I tend to have awful rolls with my dice, which is why I prefer systems that allow for hedging and increasing my chances of success beyond a single roll. In D&D5e, I favor halflings (they have lucky and can reroll 1s), and as for systems, I tend towards those like Numenera/Cypher and Fate because they allow one to influence the difficulty of the obstacle by making reasonable narrative decisions to ease challenge difficulties.

Apparently, halfling luck only gets me as far as rerolling to... 2. Or 3. Last Saturday in Conclave.ph's D&D event, I rerolled my 1s into another 1 thrice over the course of two games and about nine hours of play. I can go through a single Fate session rolling both four minuses and four pluses before the day's end. Disadvantage in D&D 5e? Of course I roll a 1 and a 20. It's been better in recent years than they used to be, but some days I wonder if some probability god must be angry with me out there.