18 Aug 2016

potatodialogues: (Default)
"What innovation could RPG groups benefit most from?"

Cheap international shipping and travel? I'm not actually quite sure, since I have all the things I think I would need for gaming, and they are all physical materials. Some are cribbed from items that are not originally intended for gaming use, like my organizer bowl that typically is supposed to go to the bathroom, but no one's going to nitpick on that.

The typical answer is probably going to be technology-based, something to enable playing with each other online and across the globe. A virtual reality version of Roll20 using Google Glass or Oculus Rift. That would be really cool, provided a reasonable price and infrastructure requirements, and would enable friends from different countries (or in this case, on opposite sides of the city, which can be just as far due to traffic) to play with each other. Even then I'd probably still prefer to just meet up with the people I want to play with as an ideal.

I think because I am a lazy person who likes to be able to access everything I want on hand, the best technology for me is still teleport machines! Instant travel anywhere. It would be helpful in all aspects of life, really, but the side effect on gamers would be hilarious. Don't know what to do with the extra two hours you save from not having to spend time on the road? Zip over to a friend's house and have a couple of beers and a round of boardgames!