17 Aug 2016

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"What fictional character would best fit in your group?"

What are with these questions! I thought about this for a couple of days before writing this blog entry, and it’s actually quite hard because I watch, play, and read too many things to be able to choose a single fictional character out of them.

Would it be fun to play with my favorite Robin, Tim Drake? I feel that Dick would be the wackier playmate, but I am sure Tim would have more interesting contributions to the table, and also will help in babysitting people. For that matter, Stephanie Brown would be cute, since she grew up a lot upon becoming Batgirl pre-52 (thanks, DC), and it would be nice to have another girl at the table.

Should I try to play with my favorites from the 1800s era? I do not think Stephen Maturin and Sherlock Holmes would enjoy the games so much, though I can imagine John Watson trying it out. Jack Aubrey would be the best pick as a jolly person in general and a decisive leader. Then I’d have someone to talk ships with in-game, ho ho.

Maybe I should go Japanese media, but then I’d never end. I am sure Kuroo from Haikyuu would be funny to play with, because he’s a really smart, perceptive, and sassy guy (Tsukki, alas, would not be fun to play with, because he would complain a lot). For recent shows, Subaru from Re:Zero might not be a bad pick, although he can get really strange due to his trauma. What about Kaizaki Arata from ReLIFE, though? He’s really kind, thoughtful, considerate, and tries his best to think about other people. Also, he’s actually my age, so it would be easy to get along with him. I’d also go with Haruka from Sailormoon, because she’s a smooth bro and really, really cool.

But here I have neglected my videogames! Would Alphinaud from Final Fantasy XIV be fun to play with? He seems like the hardworking young master who would get flustered at table jokes, so that would be cute. I bet Estinien would be a troll, because he seems to have the dry-witted personality of a trash king, and Haurchefant would be a bro. If I go by way of Fate Grand Order, I’d probably only want to play with Cu Chulainn, because he’s such a fun, perfect guy. The headcanon personality for Spark from Team Instinct (represent!) seems like it would be cute to play with, too.

I realize that except for Stephanie and Haruka, I actually really only notice the guys in my stuff, huh. It’s always been really difficult for me to identify with women in media, and so much of it caters to the male gaze and to stereotypes that are very different from my experiences as a woman that I feel dissatisfied with them more often than not. I had actually already been playing tabletop RPGs for years before I first tried to play female characters, and it was a struggle because I had to disassemble my issues with it and gender identity. I didn’t want to play women as women who used their femininity in any way, so for my first couple of experiments it was a lot of rather "masculine" female characters. They were fun and enlightening experiences, and in recent times I have been more able to embrace the more delicate side of female characters as well. Currently, my roster has been equally male and female (nine each, in fact), and I even have one who actually flirts with men!

Well, that digressed. Back on topic! A lot of my favorite characters don't actually make it to the roster of possibly fun people to play with, but the other characters in their shows do. I guess because I like sarcastic, long-suffering characters? And they don't typically make good playmates if you just want to have easy going fun. In the end, I think I'll choose Kaizaki Arata -- a normal person with generally normal-person baggage, updated with the times, fun-loving, kind and considerate to those around him, and possessed of a strong sense of justice.