16 Aug 2016

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"Historical person you’d like in your group? What game?"

I get the feeling that the local national heroes would be pretty rad on the table. I'd put Jose Rizal in a Fate game, and Andres Bonifacio in a D&D 5e game where I assume he would be something of an amazingly skilled but also hilarious murderhobo. Jose Rizal in particular would be fun because he was something of an experimenting sort in real life, going so far as to experiment on his mother's cataracts and succeeding (though later on leading to her death).

But probably the one I would want to really play with is Apolinario Mabini, who seems like he would be a bro and a proponent of safe spaces. I like his stance on Filipino women --

He would put in his closing remarks in La Revolución Filipina the "disgust I felt whenever I heard of the rape of Filipinas by Filipino soldiers..... I am sure that the first instances would not have been repeated if the commanders concerned had punished such outrages energetically and without hesitation. How shall we get foreigners to respect our women when we ourselves set the example of offending them?"

-- because it's actually really open-minded of him, and it makes perfect sense. I also like his stance on siding with the commonfolk despite later on becoming an illustrado. He strikes me as a person who would be very resourceful as a player, who could offer a lot of creativity on the table, and be fun to banter with. It's always fascinating when players make intricate plans on the table and are later able to pull them off, and Mabini would be exactly that sort!

Doesn't he strike you as a player filled with confidence at the crazy shenanigans of his table?