15 Aug 2016

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"Your best source of inspiration for RPGs?"

I consume a lot of media and riff off these for concepts and character quirks I want to try. My main consumption these days are anime and movies (my anime watch list number over a dozen every season), but I also read a some comics (primarily Batman and the Bat family, but only pre-52) and some Western TV series (mostly the superhero line of TV shows). There hasn't been a lot of time lately, but I also have a hefty collection of fiction books that I like to read, and I spend a good amount of time reading a ton of original fiction and fanfiction online, particularly of the male-to-male sort (because I am, in fandom matters, a truly rotten girl). I also have a couple of videogames at any given time; right now I am a bit behind on Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn, but intend to return because the storyline for Heavensward is my favorite thing of the entire franchise ever and they have patched in continuations since the last time I pursued it in February.

My funny niche within my group is probably my avid fascination with nautical fiction and pre-1900s European fiction; I grew up reading and rereading obsessively on Sherlock Holmes and went through a very lengthy phase of reading a ton of Napoleonic era nautical books, though my favorite are Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin books. This comes out in a strange obsession for ships, and if there is a space for a sailor or sailing-related skill in a game, I am more likely than not to take it, or at least eyeball it a lot before choosing something else. I have had sailors, pilots, shipwrights, and other related type of adventurers in the forms of Giles, Elise, Liam, Seran, Silas, etc. I also tend to read period pieces from pre-1900s, although I this means the unfortunate habit of favoring authors who are, well, already dead.

Anyway, my two latest characters were: a gunslinger in Malifaux who I based off Sasha Kaidanovskaya, the Russian pilot of Cherno Alpha in Pacific Rim, and a sword-user using the OVA system whose powers were based on Gilgamesh from the Fate franchise (albeit the melee version) and whose appearance was based on Nico from Kiznaiver.

I admit though that my popular culture know-how is non-existent for Western media in general -- my friends will attest to this all day, because I have had some very strange ideas of Western celebrities. For example, I thought Bon Jovi and David Bowie were the same person, and for some reason I was under the impression that Kylie Minogue was black and dead for the longest time until someone showed me her recently released album. I've said weird things like identifying NY Sync the band, and not knowing basic geek movies (apparently) like Princess Bride (I still haven't watched it, I should at some point). You know that Beyoncé song about single ladies? I thought it was from the 1980s. I know, right?