12 Aug 2016

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"What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?"

There are a few one-shots and short-campaigns that are being scheduled or are in the works within the regular group I am in. There's Raymz' Malifaux game that I have to figure out the scheduling for, the Eberron game that I am joining under BJ, the Legend of the Five Rings oneshots that Mahar is organizing, and a variety of playtests and other systems that the others have put out feelers for.

The one that I think about the most right now, though, is the Legend of the Five Rings Megagame that Ludo is organizing on the 28th. We volunteered as staff to help out for that event, since we played the Watch the Skies Megagame twice already (once as aliens and then as countries) and want to experience the game from the other side of organizing things. The reservation list has a lot of names in it now, both familiar and new, so it will probably turn out to be an interesting experience.

A friend is returning from GenCon soon armed with a heap of new RPG books, so I am sure he will also want to try those out! He will also return bearing our shared copy of Seafall and my signed copy of Cypher, so those are something I am also looking forward to.

What a time to be alive!