11 Aug 2016

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"Which gamer most affected the way you play?"

In this entry, I will feature my childhood bro, Pao. Pao is a good player in the sense that he has a great handle on story, narrative, and character development, and is reliable when it comes to dealing with the story aspects and tropes of a game. He makes decisions that both further story and make the game interesting for everyone, and is also supportive in the growth of other player characters and will not hesitate to delay his own goals to give them spotlight.

In that sense, Pao is my go-to player to emulate because he has very solid contributions to the table and is easy to work alongside with. It also helps that we typically make characters that end up bickering with each other on the side, and we understand each other's tropes since we have a lot of overlapping media that we consume, so it's very fun.

At the same time, Pao can be something of a wallflower! Big presences or personalities at the table, especially somewhat larger player casts, will make him become quiet and shrink. In this sense, playing with him has also made me a lot more considerate and aware of people at the table, because I often feel that if I don't watch out for him, he will stay silent for long stretches and be unable to get a word in. This has extended to my other games with other people, because it's quite typical to have at least one or two people who can be rather quiet at the table.

Well, I suppose it's also fair to say that I am better able to keep track of things at the table now because I also have a bit more skill than when I started. Back then, it was all I could do to focus everything on what I am doing or going to be doing, on top of the notes I keep of the game (and I keep a lot of notes).