10 Aug 2016

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"Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?"

In our Yoon Suin session, the GM brought in the sister of my character into the story. Prior to that session, our party had antagonized a Rakosh and earned its desire for revenge upon our group, so my character (Dian) was understandably wary of anything befalling her sister (Ma Ga Na), and was cagey the entire time.

Ma Ga Na was a wandering performer, and was popular in the cockroach clan. She had some quirks that I (and by extension, Dian) took for granted, and if she was extra graceful or extra good at taming her pet cockroachs, well, Dian wasn't about to question it. Besides, she and the party had other things to worry about, like their patron the slugman, and their captive the Figment, from whom another character wished to extract information from. In any case, the session was going on without much trouble and with no particular sign of the Rakosh, so slowly, we put down our guard.

A couple of days went by, and then the party went to the slugman's mansion to watch Ma Ga Na perform for the slugman. We had some business with him, anyway, and Dian wasn't keen on letting her sister out of her sight. Afterwards, we as a party were discussing some things when another player playfully asked the GM if Ma Ga Na's hands were inverted. Inverted hands were the telltale sign of the Rakosh.

"Why, yes," the GM replied casually.

Silence swept over the table as we stared at him and each other in shock.

I couldn't think. I think I blanked out for a long moment as the GM-as-Rakosh very casually scratched his chin, hand inverted to demonstrate. I think I went pale. A guest at the table started laughing at our faces. And then, furor.

In the end, the Rakosh had taken Dian's sister as a hostage and taken her appearance, and would not accept anything for ransom except our frustration and despair as we tried to solve the problem. My character went into cold and deep fury as she followed this fake Ma Ga Na's performances throughout the city. I don't think I've ever felt a character's stress and desire for murder as intensely before and the surprise was probably a big factor to it.

It was a great session, and I don't think I'll ever forget that moment of the reveal. There were signs beforehand that we recognized but didn't parse, so we could have found out earlier, but finding out more than halfway through the session, in that way, really had an impact.