9 Aug 2016

potatodialogues: (Default)
"Beyond the game, what’s involved in an ideal session?"

I like hanging out! Before, after, in the middle, I don't care as long as at least once a session, the table gets to hang out and talk about the game and each other in general. Like I mentioned in my Day 7 post, the social aspect of tabletop gaming is very important to me, and very few things are as fun as hanging out after a game, talking about how it went, and recounting the things that had an impact. It's a good avenue for feedback and planning for later sessions.

Of course, I'm also a big proponent of talking outside of the game, like in chats or other activities, but tabletop gaming is an investment of one's self; it puts the participants in a social bubble that is just for them, at that moment, people connected to each other in a world of their own making.