8 Aug 2016

potatodialogues: (Default)
"Hardcover, softcover, digital? What is your preference?"

I prefer physical books, hardcover or softcover doesn't particularly matter. Like with my dice, I prefer to have the sensation of touching something that I am reading, and I find it easier to bookmark things and find things on a physical book compared to their digital counterparts.

The Philippines being what it is, though, and considering how cheap and stingy I can get when it comes to things like shipping costs, I learned very quickly to adapt to digital book copies, either on my desktop, the gigantic tablet my father gave me, or when desperate, my phone. To date, I have only maybe half a dozen books that I own, and a veritable sea of digital copies. My most used tabletop book before was my copy of Dungeon World, properly bookmarked to the ever important shopping and equipments page.

I'm thinking of getting the Fate Core and Dungeons & Dragons 5E Player's Handbook, because these are games I have a lot of. The Fate Core one is a nice size, though, but I don't really see myself bringing the D&D PHB every other Thursday to work and on my uncomfortable commute to Ludo.