7 Aug 2016

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"What aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?"

I really love the social aspect of RPGs. It's an activity that you plan for, do together, and talk extensively about. It fosters a connection that can evolve into real and tight friendship. Many of the people I play with are people I know very well now, to the extent that we do many things outside of playing -- like productivity days, hanging out for coffee or tea, watching movies as a large group, eating out, and planning travel outside the metro. I've gotten to know their likes and dislikes, their families, their spouses and children, their situations at work, and generally what they are like outside of the hobby. This is a connection initiated by the hobby, but by far has not been limited to it.

Most of all, and I always tell those who ask me what RPGs are about, tabletop gaming is a collaborative activity that leads to creation and growth -- growth of story, growth of characters, and most of all, growth of storytellers. RPGs, both online and face to face, is part of what allowed me to become more confident in myself both as a writer and a storyteller (I do credit some of it to fic writing), and now as someone who can contribute ideas and action at the table.

At the risk of becoming entirely too mushy, RPGs to me is not just a thing one does, but really a part of my lifestyle that I have invested a lot of time and emotion into as a person.

I mean, look at my tabletop calendar.

Of course, this sort of schedule only became possible when I moved out in late 2014 to the center of the metropolis, since before it was too difficult to commute home to the south to manage a schedule like this. In all truth, this apartment I am staying at now has opened to me more opportunities than just tabletop, because it has also become a center for hanging out for friends.