5 Aug 2016

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"What story does your group tell about your character?"

Well, I've done a lot of dumb things in game so there really would be a lot. But the latest one that a friend told me that my table for that game told him is the story of my Scorpion's dereliction of duty when it comes to reporting to her family.

In Legend of the Five Rings, the Scorpion Clan is considered the underhand of the Emperor and the clan that does the dirty work for the preservation of the Empire. Within the clan are three families, all with their own Daimyou and agents with their family specialization. My character is Kyouya of the Shosuro family.

Part of being an agent means sending reports when you are able so that the clan can act on the information in a timely fashion. Kyouya simply had not been sending any for the past year, instead relying on the other Scorpion in the party to send the reports for her.

And he has been. To his Scorpion family, the Soshi. Oops.

So the whole time, while the Scorpions in general knew of what's been going on, my family has been hearing of my news from other families, which has not been good for them as the family specializing in infiltration. They had to send someone to reproach her for her lapse. I laugh every time I think about it, and so do my friends.

She as a multitude of excuses, of course, first of which is that she has precise memory, an advantage that allows her to remember things from long ago clearly as if they happened recently. This same advantage is why they had put her in the Lion clan's family of scribes, to blend in with them and redact information about Scorpion dealings from their archives -- to the man, Ikoma all have precise memory as a free advantage. It's also because they put her in that job that she fostered a defiant attitude towards her family, because clerical work for someone like her had been, in her mind, a gross under-utilization of her skills.

Kyouya has something of a resistance to writing letters, a trait that also bit us in the ass in a session when her suitor was mistaken as courting another woman and murdered by that woman's ex-lover -- Kyouya was in the middle of writing to the suitor, but in the end did not finish it because "I'm going to see him in six hours anyway". With no indication that the presents arriving in Kyouya's room was for her and not for the other woman she shared the location with, the ex-lover had gone ahead with his assassination.

It was just hilarious to have her lapse and stubborness catch up to her several sessions later. Now she has to watch her back because her family has grown suspicious of her headstrong nature. Ambition is not something the family will tolerate again!