4 Aug 2016

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"Most impressive thing another's character did?"

Yet another difficult question! I'm a person who don't consider herself particularly witty or quick-witted, so this is something that I enjoy and admire a lot in other people. Among my fellow players it will probably be Erich who I find entertains me the most when it comes to verbal wit and generally just giving the GM's situations the run around with actions that may seem strange at first but have deliberate intentions that he wants to achieve. This doesn't typically come out since he has to play certain tropes for it, but it's most apparent in our Cormanthor and Legends of the Five Rings game, where he plays a diplomat/courtier in both. That game also has Gelo, who plays a Phoenix bodyguard with a penchant for haiku -- and inserts the smoothest lines at appropriate moments that surprise even the NPCs.

Another player I admire for his memory for detail and incorporating these details into action and play is BJ. I remember during the Esteren APEC runs the way he conducted Neravius, his very particular book seller, and his accidental but entirely player-decided fall into hypnosis alongside the NPC they were interrogating. "Wait, I am still putting on my cuirass," is not a line I am going to forget, delivered in the midst of panic and chaos.

In terms of roleplaying games that aren't strictly tabletop, I enjoyed Che's narrative in the second Watch the Skies game at Ludo, where she played a Hydra leader determined to topple world governments. It was a monumental task, and that she was able to succeed and mostly remain unattended with the United States of that game was nothing short of amazing.

But in recent games, probably the one that impressed me with creativeness was probably Mahar's use of the gelatinous cube in our Out of the Abyss campaign to remove a large wall of debris from our path. I had just been all for the half-ork doing all the work. : )) Of course, this led to the tunnel we were in to get flooded immediately, and the encounter became a race to row our boat as fast as we could before the water squashed and drowned us against the tunnel ceiling. Good times.