3 Aug 2016

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"Character moment you are proudest of?"

Another hard question, with so many characters! I'll go with Flik, my seven-foot reptilian in our Dungeon World game titled Abyssum. Abyssum is a large pit dungeon that has encouraged a city to grow and expand on its surface, and it was during one of our travels of this underground dungeon that the party (comprised of a human fighter as played by Erich, a human bard played by Adrian, and Flik), were beset by a number of gigantic spydrans. They had long proboscis, which were also extremely sticky and gave us a lot of trouble.

Now, we were down there to bring a wagonful of supplies to our underground compound and could not run and risk losing our cargo. Flik had the wonderful idea of grabbing one of the bags of flour and breaking it against the fighter to cover her in powder, thereby letting her maneuver without getting caught and slowed down by the sticky tongues. This was a really fun moment for us as my lizard delightedly poured flour over the fighter's head and Erich's face at the result.

Another thing action I did that I like to think fondly back on is Alberic Sixwright's campaign to build a zerg in our Fate Online game, a long-running fate Core campaign that Erich has been running for us since early 2015. It's set in a virtual reality MMO game where our characters are some of the game's hardcore players.

In the first test session Erich ran, Pao and I were trying to attend an event for carpentry that another guild was trying to block people from attending because they wanted to monopolize the event item it would give as reward. We blasted through their traps and defenses, and later on put together an army of players to rush for the heavily-guarded copse of trees to gather the necessary wood needed to complete the event. It was exciting and epic, and established Alberic's personality for me more easily than my rumination of what her character would be like. Alberic has done other things in that game that I think fondly of, like pinning a gigantic demon's bent legs from unfurling with my spear to stop it from escape!

I've also done some terribly comedic and/or horrific things in other games that seemed like a good idea at the time, like dropping forty tons of logs on unconscious defilers of the forest, or picking up a van tire and throwing it like a frisbee at a flying drone. Being creative in battle is something I've been trying to do in the last year or so, and while it doesn't often work, the moments that they do can be really rewarding!

On the other hand, creativity in social conflicts is something I am still getting the hang of, but I've had my moments in the past! I'll go for my really old and/or completed campaigns here, since I haven't yet been able to talk about them at all.

In our Weapons of the Gods game, my character, Dai Yang, later on becomes Emperor of the land due to the various plotlines that unfolded in the game. My character had been very gently blackmailed into marrying the daughter of a noble clan that wanted to use Dai Yang for political power later on. He had declined, which led to the daughter pestering him incessantly until he agreed, but only on the condition that she disown her family. That ended up in quite a happy marriage, all things considered and relieved him of having truly horrific in-laws.

In another game we had, Houses of the Blooded, I played a Falcon named Seran Thorne who was, for the lack of a better term, quite unusual and barbaric compared to her more genteel compatriots because she was a noble who liked adventure, exploration, and was rather nice to the commonfolk of the land. She and her party had been thrust into what can be described as an old world full of even older blooded aristocrats, and her status as "ven", or what the Blooded were called, was put into question at a tribunal. I had no real argument for her cause that I could think of, however hard I thought about it, so instead I had the good idea of just relying on her reckless ways and hamming it up. This was a character who trusted her skills with the sword, after all. So, Seran took to the podium and declared that anyone who doubted her claim as a Falcon were welcome to issue a challenge to duel with her, and that she would fight to the death for her status as ven. She left that event with three dozen new suitors impressed at her brazenness, so it was all well.

Looking back, I actually have been able to do a fair bit of growing up over the past six or seven years. I typically just think of myself as an average player with a moderate amount of skill and contribution to the table, but that might just be because there's always room for self-improvement and it's rather difficult to reach those goals. Well! That's what the next year is going to be for, then!