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And just like that, it's suddenly the tail end of January. I came back from Japan on the first week of January and hit the year running, both with games (hosting a session of Titanfall the morning after I landed), and at work. This Sunday is already the first Gamers and GMs event of the year, so the committee is up to our eyeballs in work.

Today, though, in between doing an inventory of the G&G office supplies and packing things for Sunday, I also fixed my tabletop notes, archived some sheets, and swapped filefolders of my character sheets around. I thought I'd show my filing system for my notes and stuff.

This is what I do. Some people eat chocolate, I take copious amounts of game notes and archive them when games retire. Some of these notes are from as far back as 2011 or 2012, I believe.

This is my current notebook. It's nice because the pages are swappable and just move when I need them to.

My character sheets are in anime file folders like these. Easy merch to purchase and used a lot!
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