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There isn't really much to say about the last month, except that it's been crazy busy and exhausting but fun all around. I updated the last entry to reflect a one-shot I played this week and a game discontinuation, but otherwise I think that list won't move anymore for the rest of the year.

Next week, Erich, Stacey and I travel to Japan for the holidays. We are likely to visit the tabletop store there, where I can hopefully find some interesting dice or books. More importantly, I want to see how their logistics works for the event space that they have, and maybe take some photographs in the hopes of being able to emulate their set up here for the event space we use for G&G.

We only have one game this month left, a Christmas party for the Scion game, and a Christmas party with my main circle of friends before we leave. I hope to finish more of the logistics requirements of the January G&G event before we go, so there won't be so much work to come home to. The year draws to a close at a satisfying if hectic note, but all in all I think it's been fantastic gaming-wise.
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