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Gamers & GMs recently held its last event for the year at Venture Space Ph, a new venue and therefore an experiment for us that hopefully will lay the groundwork for next year's series of events and activities, both for our group and our partner organizations.

It was a fun event, and I was glad to have the registration table inside the venue proper for this one. It was no less tiring than usual -- coming up with new logistics and executing them as 'oh god I hope this works' is always an exhausting task -- but it went very well and I feel that some technical difficulties aside, it will be a good place to call home.

Accordingly, the event theme was a housewarming, and the community really outdid itself with all the food contributed to the potluck.

The venue also comes with its own cafe that makes adorable latte art.

The venue had some equipment we could experiment with as well; Erich livestreamed our talk and one game into the G&G Twitch channel, archived in our Youtube channel (a WIP, as you can see). We were told the livestream was watched by a couple of people who could not attend the event. Hurray!

Despite the difficulties of what was pretty much an impromptu event, I think we can congratulate ourselves for pulling off a great ender for the year, and look optimistically into all the new plans and things we want to try for 2017. I won't lie: some aspects of running logistics for the committee has been tedious this year. It's a natural part of running events to stumble into problems pretty much constantly, but I feel that we've done a pretty good job minimizing them. In the end, seeing the results of the committee's efforts is well-worth the energy, along with the new friends and groups made and met. I am looking forward to how the committee will grow next year.
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